For a lot of us, our biggest accomplishments come later in life.  For me, I think I peaked at 12 when I competed in the Western Mass Spelling Bee Championship.  It was such a fun time and genuinely a highlight!

A fifth grader from Portsmouth not only experienced that same goal, but actually won the entire state championship!  Little Harbour Elementary School fifth-grader Aadhavan Veerandra won the title of 67th Annual Union Leader New Hampshire State Spelling Bee according to

Addy was able to correctly spell the word “octogenary” during the 16th round of competition. reports that Addy is no stranger to spelling bees.  He’s been competing since the 4th grade and won last year’s school wide spelling bee at his school.

Veerandra tells that when it came to the final world “I was just super surprised that I got it right….”  He says that “I feel kind of proud I represented my school.”

Veeranda won $3,000, a ticket to the national spelling bee and most importantly a giant trophy. reports that Veerandra is super generous, as well as a great speller, donating $500 back to Little Harbour to be donated to clubs like the spelling bee.

Congratulations Addy, we wish you the best of luck in the Nationals!

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