Calling all food lovers (small cheers from the crowd)!

Calling all beer lovers (enormous cheers from the crowd)!

I got an event for you this weekend: the 8th annual Portsmouth Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival at Cisco Brewers.

"Thirty of New England's most popular food trucks will dish out fan favorites while Cisco Brewers will serve their best brews to wash it all down," according to the website. "This 2022 festival will be a weekend of craft beer, great food, lawn games, music, and fun for the whole family."

What kind of food will be accompanying the games and beverages? Pretty much anything you could ever want: BBQ, Jamaican food, creamy mac and cheese, smooth ice cream, and more.

If you have never been to Cisco, this is a great place for a food truck and beer fest. Cisco Brewers is a super cool spot with a great vibe. Both the inside and outside are welcoming, well-designed, and cool. The outside area has a really big grass field, which is perfect for the event.

The field is also a good spot to let the kids run around while you try the craft brews and walk around  - treat yo self!

If you plan on going, and you should, there are a few different types of tickets.

First off, children 12 and under are free. Also, all first responders and active/retired military receive free entry with proof of valid ID at the gate.

1. Pre-sale for general admission: $5.00

2. General admission at the door: $10.00

3. Foodies VIP package: $25 (in advance/presale only):

For the foodies that want a little more out of their festival experience, the V.I.P. Package is for you (from 11am- Noon)! V.I.P. tickets are $25 in advance online only and entitles you to:


  • Early admission (11am)
  • FTFA koozie
  • One free dessert from the VIP dessert truck
  • Unlimited bottled water throughout the festival

Cisco Brewers is located at 35 Corporate Dr, Portsmouth, NH 03801.

To buy tickets, click here.

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