The Portsmouth Halloween Parade has been canceled but that doesn’t mean all Halloween events in Portsmouth won’t go on.  The popular PopUp NH venue has plans for an Octoberfest, with social distancing and public health guidelines according to The Bridge Street parking lot site will feature Bratwurst braised in beer and kraut from Morse’s of Waldenboro in addition to a traditional German menu.  There will be cheese made by Ober, pretzels for the Elephantine Bakery that have mustard made from wort from the beer from the Tributary Brewing Company in Kittery, Maine.

There will be soups and potato pancakes and goat cheese strudel.  They are packing about as much of an Octoberfest as possible into the PopUp NH venue as is safely possible. The weekend of October 17 will be a modified version of the annual Piscataqua Oysterpalooza, an event that pairs beer with oysters.  The Oysterpalooza is held to benefit the Coastal Conservation Association NH and the Oyster Recycling Program according to

There are more ideas in the works to celebrate Halloween such as a propose scary movie night and a rock concert.  A raffle is being held to help with the popup’s costs.  The winner of the raffle will be chosen on November 1 and the prize is awesome.  $2,000 worth of gift cards to local restaurants, a salon, and theater in addition to a $100 Amex gift card.  Tickets are 10 for $10 and can be purchased at the link below.  Now we can look forward to Octoberfest with some German music and some German food at the Bridge Street parking lot PopUp NH.  Just remember to have fun and follow the health protocols.





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