Police are looking for someone who dumped a hot tub on the side of road in Hill, New Hampshire.

You've hear about wacky Presidents' Day sales. generally, you might save a bill or two on a comfy couch, or find yourself a sweet deal on a new vehicle. This year, police in the town of Hill found a huge surprise on the side of the road. One, that's (presumably) ready for the taking.

A hot tub.

There it is, just tossed aside of Lynch road. Discarded like a soda can, and it has the town with a population of 1,100 talking. One Facebook commenter chimed in with "This has to be the biggest crime Perpetrated in Hill since Old Lady Miller lost an apple pie from the window sill in 1899!".

Police are not amused, urging anyone with information to contact them. Also stating "Again, the Town of Hill is not a dumping ground."

But what if it is a time machine?




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