Many of you will be sleeping in on Monday, thanks to the President's Day holiday. You'll have an extra day to get your house in order, do the grocery shopping and maybe spend some quality time with family and friends.

If you're one of the lucky ones who gets a long weekend and you're planning on doing some errands and catching up on chores that need to be done, keep in mind, there are several businesses which will be closed for the day.

Here's a look at what's expected to be open and what's expected to be closed for President's Day 2019:

If you're out and about doing some shopping, you're pretty much all set because most retail stores, malls, restaurants, etc will be open.

However, don't expect to get any mail. The Post Office will be closed, which means no mail delivery. Other businesses that will celebrate with a day off include the DMV, Courts, some banks and no looking at the numbers on Wall Street because the stock market is closed.

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