Some negative comments about dresses that were worn to the Portsmouth Senior Prom have stirred up emotions regarding what is appropriate to wear and who's decision that is.

After Facebook photos were posted from the prom, the comments section filled up with feedback regarding the dresses and what was said about them.

Some of the students have a rally planned at in Market Square in Portsmouth on Friday at 6 pm in support of those criticized in social media. one student, Casey McDevitt, announced the rally in a Letter to the Editor.

My name is Casey McDevitt and I am a senior at Portsmouth High school. Last Friday I attended the senior prom. It has come to my attention that some people in the community were criticizing our dresses. I'm trying to organize something to make a statement against these comments this Friday at 6 p.m. at Market Square. Since it was the photos from Seacoastonline that sparked the controversy, I thought it fit to let anyone from the Herald know about our plans in advance. Thank you!

About 60 comments with varying opinions were made in the post and people are still weighing in on their view of the situation. The latest on the story can be seen in Seacoast Online.

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