You may know the band, but you might not know the game.  This game could win you $10,000, so here's the skinny.

Recycled Percussion is a band from Manchester, New Hampshire, which has garnered national fame.  They started as a percussion group at a school talent show, and it grew from there.

The band has performed in Las Vegas, on America's Got Talent, and at the Grammy's, MTV Reality Awards, Super Bowl, and thousands of other shows.  In 2017, the band created a TV show called Chaos and Kindness to promote positivity and mental health awareness.

They've been on a roll with this site, offering positive messaging on merchandise and creating a lifestyle vibe all their own.  They have a flagship store too.

Recycled Percussion via Facebook
Recycled Percussion via Facebook

Bandmate Justin Spencer is offering $10,000 to the person who can figure out in which town he hid the money in.  He started with 20 towns, and has given out 11 clues to eliminate towns.

Here's the latest clue, which is #11.

Why would he do this?  The band is just plain fun and high-energy crazy.  That's the point. They are chaotic and spread cheer.  The kindness aspect isn't something they take lightly.  They visit people in crisis when they are on tour, provide basic needs for others, and work as ambassadors to lift people up.

Recycled Percussion via Facebook (with cancer patients)
Recycled Percussion via Facebook (with cancer patients)

Justin says $10,000 can change someone's life, and it's true.  If you want to play along, head to the Recycled Percussion Facebook page, or go to

Get a few people together to figure out the clues.  Who knows what could happen, but if you don't try to solve it, you won't win it for sure.

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