A booming economy with statistics to back it up, 770,240 are currently reporting to work.

According to The Patch, the Granite State keeps growing. Over 8,000 jobs have been added since this time last year.  New Hampshire's Employment Security released the latest employment and unemployment news this week, and it continues the series of positive reports. Over the last 12 months, the state's unemployment rate has shifted between 2.4, and 2.5 %, where it currently sits.

According to The Patch, less than 200 people filed for new unemployment claims last month meaning that 19,090 people in the Granite State are unemployed. Five years ago, that number was 31,000 people. Also, 10 years ago, 48,600 were counted as out of work.

Governor Chris Sununu was encouraged by the news. "Today's jobs report reaffirms that the steps we have taken to cut taxes, slash regulations, and spend wisely have resulted in real benefits for both New Hampshire businesses and the individuals they employ."

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