This heartbreaking story comes out of New Haven, Connecticut.  According to, Joseph Pastore attended a meeting and left several Tom Brady rookie Cards in his vehicle, specifically in the back seat.  When he left the meeting, he was devastated to find that the cards along with cash were stolen from his vehicle.  The cards are worth approximately $100,000 but they are priceless to Joseph Pastore.

How Much is the Reward $$Money

He is offering a reward of $10,000 for their safe return.  No questions asked, no charges pressed for the theft he just wants the cards back.  He tells “I just feel like a piece of me was taken.  It’s been years of my life and my hard work.  Everything I’ve done, I’ve invested in those cards.  Now they are gone – everything.”


A lot of work and effort goes into buying those cards, and I feel Joseph Pastore’s pain.  I spent my youth collecting football and baseball cards and it was an intense hobby.  I remember buying protective covers for each one.  I never made any money off the cards, but I do recall the thrill of having a rookie card and watching that particular player develop a significant career. I do own some special cards. Not sure how much I can get but they have to worth something.

What city did Mr. Pastore's car get broken into?

Pastore was traveling from his home on Martha’s Vineyard to Connecticut to sell some of them.  More than money, there is heart and soul in collecting these cards but there can be good money in selling them.  If someone tries to sell a bunch of Tom Brady rookie cards, I’m pretty sure someone will notice, and hopefully, these cards get returned to their owner.  The lesson from this story is never leave anything in your car that you are not willing to part with.  I hope they turn up.



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