Are you looking for a wicked cool getaway for the winter months?  I may have just saved you time in research.

I found the coolest thing on ice since all of the pop-up curling spots in New England, and this one is just a short drive away.

Providence, Rhode Island, a great city to visit in any season, is now offering ice bumper cars at The Providence Rink. 

The concept is so simple, I can't believe no other city has thought of this.  It's bumper cars on ice, and Providence is the first city to have an outdoor rink with bumper cars for all ages.

This is a perfect getaway for a fun-loving couple or family, but you do have to reserve in advance.  You can do that by going here.  Be advised, there are public skate times when the bumper cars are not available, and there are shared ice times when it's half public skating and half bumper cars.

The Providence Rink via Facebook
The Providence Rink via Facebook

If you really want an adventure, rent the cars for 30 minutes for your group of 10, and have the ice to yourself.  What a unique way to celebrate the holidays and start a new tradition.

This makes me wonder if there's an outdoor ice rink in New Hampshire or Maine who would take this project on?  It seems the further north you go, the better the ice, but it all depends on the weather.

Portland, Maine, or Portsmouth, New Hampshire, sound like good cities to host entertainment like this.  It jumps to the next type of winter entertainment beyond igloos.

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