Many people know former New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski as a party guy.

The former tight end always seemed to balance work and play, and he did it well. Although he was known for big celebrations on and off the field, he is a four-time Super Bowl winner.

So he knew how to balance his work and partying...or did he?

A former teammate, Jake Bequette, recently told a story on 'Prime Time with Alex Stein,' that included just how much of a partier Gronk really was.

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“We all had these key fobs that gave us 24/7 access to the Patriots facility there in Foxboro,” Bequette said according to a NESN article. “During the offseason, Gronk would go out all night with his boys in Boston, stay up ’til three, four in the morning, whatever it was, and have his crew drop him off at the Patriots facility...And he would stagger into the Patriots locker room, key fob in, and go pass out on the training tables in the Patriots training room.”

Here is where the story, and party habits, intensify.

“So then like an hour or two later when the trainers would come in to start their workday, they’d come in there and see Gronk just sprawled out on the training table, just fast asleep,” Bequette said. “They would go over there, they wouldn’t wake him up, they would roll up one of his sleeves, and stick an IV in his arm. And like after a couple hours, he would just wake up like Frankenstein revived, and go out there and just kick ass.”

Here is the direct story.

Celebrating hard and partying harder is one thing. The story from Bequette included some dangerous levels of partying, though.

Some other former teammates of Gronkowski are coming to his rescue, saying these allegations and stories are all fabricated.

“Story is BS,” Edelman tweeted Saturday night according to a NESN article. “Everyone wants to paint Gronk as a party animal. When in reality he was one of the most dedicated teammates I had.”

Another former teammate, and well-respected New England leader, Patrick Chung, echoed Edelman's side:

“People just want their time of fame,” Chung tweeted. “Willing to do anything to get it.”

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