The Kennedys have been through so much.

November will mark the 60th anniversary of President Kennedy’s tragic assassination in Dallas – an event etched in so many minds. Maine’s Stephen King wrote his greatest novel ever about it.

Then Kennedy’s younger brother, Robert, was tragically assassinated in Los Angeles during his own run for president. So, it made news in these parts and nationwide when his son Robert Jr., who spent much of his youth on Cape Cod, announced his entry into the 2024 election.

Still, it can be argued that no Kennedy has ever experienced a campaign event quite like RFK Jr. did this week in New York City, where he was interrupted by a supporter (yes, supporter) who became so enraged at another attendee, he began farting at him.

Move aside, Watergate. It’s time to talk about Squattergate.

As reported in the New York Post’s Page Six, it all happened during a fundraiser at a restaurant on the Upper East Side. Former gossip columnist Doug Dechart shouted in response to something Kennedy said, art critic Anthony Haden-Guest – who had apparently been sleeping – woke up and referred to his friend as a “miserable blob.”

And from then onward, none of us would ever forget where we were when we read the news:

Dechert sensed the need for a new rhetorical tack, and let rip a loud, prolonged fart while yelling, as if to underscore his point, “I’m farting!”


Followed by a quote from Dechert to Page Six that will live alongside “Ask not what your country can do for you…”

“I apologize for using my flatulence as a medium of public commentary in your presence.”


It remains to be seen if Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will become president. Though one thing’s for sure: he’s already gotten something passed.

But you know the conspiracy theorists out there will always insist there was a second tooter...

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