Officer Ben Peguero is a Boston police officer who is typically stationed in the Back Bay/South End area, according to NBC News. And on Tuesday night, he had just finished a detail when he came across Jennifer Velazquez.

The news station reports that she's a 37-year-old mother of three who was visibly upset and sitting on the sidewalk crying. Peguero asked her what was wrong and she told him that she was unable to buy her groceries because her EBT card was declined and she has three young children to feed.

He listened with compassion and asked Jennifer to go back inside the store with her, according to NBC News. He told her to pick out whatever she needed for her family.

Officer Peguero spent $225 of his own money to help the single mother in need, the article stated.

Here are Jennifer's three beautiful girls who will have full bellies for awhile thanks to the officer's kindness!

Malini Basu via Facebook
Malini Basu via Facebook

Officer Perguero told NBC News:

"I felt bad for her and I'm just glad that I was in a position to help her, honestly," Peguero said. "What really brought me to be a police officer -- I enjoy helping people. I really get satisfaction out of it."

If you are in a position to help someone during this time in a big or small way it could make a world of difference.

Officer Ben Peguero you are our local hero of the day!

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