Rye police to the rescue.

A baby Hoot Owl was discovered while a homeowner was working on their house, according to Sentinelsource.com.

Officer Josh McCallister, who is a bird enthusiast as well as a brand new officer, responded to the call, according to the news article.

McCallister worked with animal control officer Bob McGrath to try to coax the baby owl out from under a porch, the paper reports.  McGrath said he talked to an animal specialist to get some tips on how to get the owl to respond.

According to Sentinelsource.com, the two first tried to slide a branch under to see if the owl would take hold.  When that didn't work it was on to plan B.  McGrath shimmied himself under the porch to rescue the yellow eyed owl, who they estimated to be only 3 to 4 weeks old.

Rye police chief Kevin Walsh says once the rescue was done, they transported the baby owl to On The Wing wildlife rehabilitation facility in Epping, according to Seacoastonline.com.

Great job by all!

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