It pays to have alert neighbors, also ones that are brave and caring. reports that a house located on Lou-Al Lane in Salem, NH caught fire sometime around 9:30 in the morning on Feb 5.  The remarkable thing about the story is that a neighbor rushed into the home to pull the resident out.  The resident of the home is currently being treated for burn and smoke inhalation at Massachusetts General Hospital. Officials say the cause of the fire was not suspicious, but it is under investigation.

Thank goodness a neighbor sprung into quick action. There is no word on the rescued resident’s current condition according to the tv station wmur, but I hope it all turns out well. It’s a reminder to be aware of safety hazards to our homes in the winter months.  Take care with space heaters, make sure you do not fall asleep with one on.  Make sure you take down or use care with holiday decorations.  Now would be a good time to check on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and make sure they have good batteries.

Use caution when using candles which are a large cause of house fires. Also, given the winter storms we have had recently and some random power outages, it’s always a good idea to check out your portable generator if you have one and make sure you are using it properly.  Generators do put you at risk for fires and carbon monoxide poisoning if used improperly so make sure you stay safe.  Cheers to the hero neighbor.  I hope the resident makes a swift recovery.


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