You waited for the weather to be right. It is gorgeous out. The fresh smell of Lowe's or Home Depot is calling your name because this is YOUR season to get your garden growing right!

We have all been here, yes?

You think your garden will thrive NEXT season. You'll take out dead flowers and replant new ones, then, when those don't survive a New England winter, go back to buy MORE because they always look better in the store.

Forget that.

Now is the time to plan. It is certainly starting to get cold, and the first frost has already frosted. That said, there is no time like the present to start planning for next year's growing and gardening season.

There are certain flowers and plants that do not belong in the Northeast. To that point, there are also flowers and plants that do extremely well in New England. Whether they are perennials or not, they can withstand summer droughts and January's Nor'easters.

As a new homeowner, I have learned very quickly to not waste my time planting flowers and plants that were not made for New England. Seriously. It is a waste of time and money.

After living in Portsmouth for almost two years now, I have seen what flowers and plants do well in my neighborhood. Many houses have the same as one another, like a hydrangea or hosta.

Those are great, and I will certainly be utilizing them somewhere in my landscaping, but that is not enough.

Everyone, including myself, wants their own flare and pizzazz when it comes to their garden beds. That said, you can't be planting plants made for Georgia in New Hampshire, Maine, or Massachusetts.

Below are 27 flowers that flourish in New England. These are perfect for your creative and gorgeous gardening beds. Mix and match any of these flowers and plants, and watch your gardens thrive.

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