I learned so much about these blokes in 60 seconds! Mitch and Tom are musicians who hail from Seaforth Australia. (hence the band name, Seaforth) Here's what else I learned:

    • They are not actually Keith Urban's nephews
    • Tom will always pay the extra money for guac on his burrito
    • Mitch was a good little boy growing up, according to his parents
    • Tom looks horrible in his license photo
    • Mitch would rather go to prison for a week than part with his iPhone for life
    • Tom doesn't still speak to his first girlfriend ever

If you want answers you have to ask the hard-hitting questions, people.

Besides being really fun guys to chat with they have some amazingly catchy songs and raw talent. I absolutely adore their song called, "Love That". It is was stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Take a listen, you'll see what I mean:

You'll want to follow these dudes on their journey. I think they are really going places! You can find them at @weareseaforth and on Facebook at facebook.com/weareseaforth.

Thanks for stopping by, mates!

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