Over the past ten years, Luke's Lights in Dover has brought a smile to many faces.  This year they had thought they were going to take the year off after ten very fun years, but 2020 had different plans!

According to Luke's Light, the family has decided that we need Christmas lights more than ever!

Luke tells us:

"Throughout the summer and fall multiple people reached out and mentioned how uplifting the show has been to them and would be this year, so after reassessing my priorities I decided to go forward with the show in 2020."

The response the Dobson family has gotten from the community is overwhelming.  Some of the comments include this one from Lorraine:

"Happy News! We have lived here for 3 years and have brought our grandson to see your amazing display the last 2 years. Looking forward to it!!"

Kristen says:

"Yaaay!!! Sooo excited to hear this! Thank you for all your hard work & time on this! It gives so many of us joy, kids & adults! "

The coolest thing about Luke's Lights, besides the joy it gives everyone, is that you have to message the Dobson family on Facebook and then they send you the address.  It's almost like you're going on a super secret mission to find them, and it's super fun for the kids!

This display in Dover, NH includes over 8,500 lights synchronized to music!

Luke's Lights FB
Luke's Lights FB

I talked to Luke earlier today and he told me how excited he is for this year's display:

"We’re doubling down on our efforts to bring new music selections and a new element (~400 lights) to the show. I’m incredibly excited to see what the show will look like this year!"

Luke's Lights will run from the end of November and go through Christmas.  You can send a private message to them here to find out the "secret location"!  That's part of the fun of Luke's Lights, it's a little mystery and everyone has been respectful about not posting where the exact location is.

So happy that this fun tradition will be back this year!

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