Recently, I asked listeners about their annual Christmas traditions. Not surprisingly, many people have the same traditions year in and year out. See for yourself: (in no particular order)

1. Opening a present on Christmas Eve
This was always a tradition in my family as well. We always looked forward to that one present we got to open before going to bed and waiting for Santa.

2. Stocking Stuffers
Although, you might get new treats every year, there are still some of us who expect (and get) goodies that we look forward to every year!

3. Pajamas
Whether it's making sure you all look your best for Christmas morning pictures, or just that time of year when you need a new set of PJ's, many of us have the holiday tradition of getting new jammies.

4. Christmas Morning Breakfast
It could be a coffee in a special Christmas morning mug or the aroma of cinnamon rolls wafting through the house. Many of us have favorite Christmas morning breakfast item.

5. Books/Movies
For me, I watch Albert Finney's 'Scrooge' every year. But many families have their own favorite holiday movie or book they MUST dust off this time of year.

Whatever you're Christmas traditions are if you plan on making a new tradition this year, all of us at WOKQ wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Credit Karen Kiley
Credit Karen Kiley

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