MTV’s Jackass

The year 2000 was a much simpler time. It was a time before social media. It was pre-September 11th, MTV played some music, but also made room for a show that centered on nut-shots, long before Ridiculousness. That show was Jackass.

Jackass started off as an amateur series following a group of guys that loved to skateboard and do really really stupid stunts. And us viewers? We ate it up! So much so that it led to multiple Jackass movies and spinoff series such as Viva La Bam and Wild Boyz.

While Jackass was the brainchild of the iconic Johnny Knoxville, there are a handful of other icons to come from the series. One of them, a guy named Steve-O


Steve-O has long been a fan favorite from the series as he always seems to be the one willing (or not so willing) to do the nastiest and craziest stunts. Plus, who else would get a giant back tattoo of their own face?

Steve-O’s journey hasn’t been an easy one as he suffered for many years with addiction. Now he’s celebrating nearly 14 years sober. He’s still the Jackass everyone knows and loves and now you can see him on Steve-O’s Bucket List Tour.

Steve-O’s Bucket List Tour

Steve-O is touring the country bringing decades of stories and crude humor to the stage. It is a XXX-Rated show and only for those 18 and older. Steve-O will share stories of his crazy stunts and give a look into his life with comedy.

The tour is making a stop at the iconic Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom on Saturday, April 30th at 7pm. Tickets are still available but the show is expected to sell out. Get all the details and your tickets here.

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