When I was in the fifth grade I was kind of the worst. Not to put little Kira down because I think a lot of middle schoolers go through selfish phases and it's totally normal. I was all "whoa is me" if my mom didn't buy me the lime green track suit I wanted from Limited Too. I had much to learn about selflessness and prioritizing what's important in life.

A fifth grader from Rhode Island named Christian Stone is what his mom calls "wise beyond his years". The 10-year-old is evolved enough to feel empathy for the doctors, nurses and other health care workers who have been working so hard during this pandemic. He wanted to do something to show his gratitude! Since he's only in middle school his funds are low and buying them something was not an option. Instead he decided to offer his services for free.

If you remember last week we had a big 'ol snowstorm. According to NY Daily News, the middle schooler and his mom headed to Westerly Hospital Westerly Hospital at around shift change, when doctors, nurses and other staff members were walking to the parking lot. He swept snow off dozens of hospital workers' cars to thank them for all their hard work.

Christian told the news network that he and his mom "made it a game". When they would see a car turn on or unlock it meant that person was getting off work soon so they would rush over and clean their car as quickly as possible! Christian's mom said her son had the idea cooking for awhile and they were just waiting for the next big snowstorm so they could do it.

The dynamic duo ended up  cleaning off about 80 cars in four different employee parking lots. Way to go, Christian! You are making a huge difference in the lives of many. :)

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