So I found my wedding dress at Madeleine's Daughter in Portsmouth and the process was really special, fun and stress-free. Since I had such a positive experience there, I wanted the same for my beautiful bridesmaids. So we have an appointment in the books for them to each find their perfect dress.

I want to introduce to you my six sassy bridesmaids who will play my supporting actresses in this movie I like to call "My Big Fat Jewish Wedding".

Holly Hansen

Holly is my brother Ari's wife aka my sister in law. She is a talented actress, avid Disney enthusiast and makes a killer mac and cheese that she brings to family gatherings. She is a perfect match for my brother and I love that we are now family!

Stacey Greenberger

Stacey is Steven's sister, so my soon to be sister-in-law. Stacey and I have hit it off since day one! She is truly my sister from another mister. We both love bursting out into show tunes and quoting our favorite movies and TV shows. Stacey now works as a producer in NYC on a called "Welcome to Wayne".

Amy Greenberger

Amy is Steven's younger sister so also my soon to be sister-in-law. YES, I get two sissies for the price of one! Amy is a great road trip companion, volleyball player, and overall human being. She lives in South Boston aka SOUTHIE and we love having her closeby to watch football and hang out.

Eliza Shirazi

Eliza is the closest thing I've ever had to a sister. Our moms are besties and I've known Eliza since before she was born (as she is three years younger than I.) She and I share many memories, a ridiculous sense of humor and crazy curly blonde hair.

Sarah MacCallum

I met Sarah at orientation at UMASS Amherst and we have been great pals ever since. We were roommates for many years and even moved to Florida together briefly after college to work at Disney World. Sarah now gets to reap the benefits of my working at WOKQ. She has always loved Country music and is my designated plus one at shows.

Danielle LaCivita

Danielle and I studied abroad together in Australia. You can't travel across the world with just anyone so it was there that I discovered Danielle and I have a special bond. She is loyal, fun loving and hilarious and quite frankly one of my favorite people. She is a mama of two beautiful humans named Hayey and Nicholas.

Yup, they are beautiful, I know it!  And since they have such a vast selection of dresses at Madeleine's Daughter, I have full faith that we will find dresses that they love. My thought is as long as it's the same color, they can choose the style that they feel most comfortable in. Because let's face it, we're all built differently and have different tastes! And also I think it makes it more interesting to see different dresses come down the aisle.

My colors are turquoise and yellow, so I am thinking they will wear turquoise dresses with a yellow flower in their hair. Here are a few styles of dresses I have had my eye on:

I'll keep you posted on how our appointment goes and OF COURSE, we will document with tons of photos and video :) CAN'T WAIT!

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