This morning we're talking about superstitions... I've never been particularly superstitious, but a recent encounter at a store check-out brought this up. I picked up a couple of items for my office the other night. I needed a box of Band-Aids because even if it's not me hurting myself, invariably people wander into my office for all manner of things, aspirin, antacid, a Band-Aid, muffler for a '58 Plymouth Fury, whatever.

I also needed a box of plastic forks because Studio Big suffers from an as-yet-unnamed phenomenon. We have a full kitchen and multiple sets of silverware. But in the 13 years since we've moved into this building we are unable to keep forks here. We've got loads of spoons, knives and plates but forks always disappear. So I keep plastic forks in my desk for lunch or anytime a meal should break out.

Turns out at CVS, a box of forks and a box of Band-Aids adds up to exactly $6.66. The young lady behind the counter (I'll call her "Christine" because that's the name on the receipt and some of you will now get the clever Plymouth Fury reference above) told me the total and immediately asked if I wanted to purchase something else. I laughed and she explained when that total has come up before, most people will buy a piece of candy or a magazine as to avoid the Number of the Beast residing in their CVS bag.

I laughed it off and told her I'd be fine.

I've survived three marriages, I can handle Satan's phone number being in my shopping bag. Besides... there are Band-Aids in there just in case!

Devil Went Down To CVS