Police in Portsmouth, NH may be getting body cameras, as well as dashboard cameras in their police cruisers. Seacoastonline reports Police Commissioner Jim Splaine supports the idea and will urge the full commission to further discuss the issue at a meeting on Tuesday.

Splaine told seacoastonline that body and dash cameras provide conclusive evidence at trails, and are a great training tool for new officers. The commissioner also stated that after looking into it further, the cameras "don't seem intrusive and many departments seem to like them."

According to the article, back in 2016 when he was assistant mayor, Splaine brought up the idea of the cameras, but was met with a less than warm reception. Chief of Police Robert Merner told seacoastonline he will reserve his comments until tomorrow's meeting. Meanwhile, the article claims Police Commission Chairman Joe Onosko, and others are taking a "wait and see" attitude about the cameras. A few point to the well trained Portsmouth Police Department, and  the cost. Onosko says the money may be better spent fighting the ongoing opioid problems.

I for one, support our local police departments. I also think each officer should have every piece of equipment possible to keep themselves and the public safe. And while I feel like the Portsmouth PD, and others in the surrounding communities, are good cops...if a body cam can help them be better officers, and protect the public at the same time...it seems like money well spent.

I welcome your thoughts and opinions.

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