This is not an advertisement at all, but boy do I love this place.

Sloban Auto Body in Merrimac, Massachusetts (my hometown), has been open for 95 years this year. That's nearly a century.

To be a small business and open for nearly 100 years is an enormous success. If you know of Sloban Auto Body, you know why.

I have been taking my cars to this small auto body shop since I started to drive.

Now, the obvious first reason is because that's where my parents took their cars. That said, as I got older, looked around, heard auto-body horror stories from friends, and so on, I realized this place was simply the best, hence the 95 years in service.

The Sloban family does mechanic and auto body work fairly and quickly. And that has led to their longevity and success.

Face it, if you don't know a lot about cars (and I sure don't), you have no clue if what a mechanic is charging you is fair or not. It is one of the few industries where unethical overcharging can be missed.

But not at Sloban's.

This is my mechanic, Tom Sloban.

Behind my wife and parents, I think I would trust Tom more than anyone in the world.

The entire crew over at Sloban's is honest, friendly, and fair.

Before a 21-day cross-country road trip in my old jeep, I dropped off my car with Tom at Sloban's. Since I trusted him, all I said was that I was going on a trip for three weeks and would pay for anything he thought I needed.

I could have gotten thousands of dollars of work done and I would have paid it. He could have replaced unnecessary things and overcharged me. My naive self wouldn't have noticed.

He called me back once the work was done; it was less than $1,000. He only fixed what was necessary and charged fairly for the whole process.

If you are ever in need of a mechanic, trust my guys over at Sloban Auto Body in Merrimac, MA.

They have been open for business for 95 years for good reason.

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