Why don’t you tell us how it really is Tom?  SNL took a swipe in their Weekend Update with Beck Bennett portraying a Drunk Tom Brady per reporting by boston.com.  Bennett’s portrayal of Drunk Tom Brady was hysterical with his character dissing New England with quotes like, “Florida Guy…able to go day-drinking on my boat and throw the Lombardi trophy around without a care in the world.  I’m not stuck in a freezer, cold in Boston with the pilgrims and old man Belicheck.  Do you hear that Bill?  You’re not my dad anymore!”


Wow, do you think Brady really feels that way about New England?  He was kind of stuffy when he lived up here.  I hadn’t heard any stories about him out drinking.  All we usually hear about is his crazy strict diet and workout routine. Bennet’s impression of a drunk Tom Brady was pretty classic.  And, we all have that one friend that likes to party and get all melancholy and Bennett nailed a drunk, sad Tom Brady wondering why “nobody likes me” but he lightened up at the end and warned us all about “avocado tequila,” according to reporting by boston.com. I've never had  avocado tequila, I guess I need to try it...haha


I thought the sketch was pretty hilarious and personally, I would like to drink with happy Tom Brady any day, but you can keep the avocado tequila, I will stick with beer.  Has Tom Brady turned into ‘Florida Man’ that we have always wanted?  Is there something about the weather down there?  Perhaps that 7th Super Bowl win is a charm but he seems more relaxed in Florida.





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