You've sprung ahead an hour, now take down winter food trophs.

A day after another weekend snow storm, and setting the clocks ahead (possibly for the final time), Southern New Hampshire residents are being urged to yank bird feeders this week.

Unless you want a visit from hungry bears.

Remember the last time you woke up from a long sleep and wanted to devour everything in sight? Right, get out of your way. Okay, try multiplying that by 100. Bears are getting out after a winter's nap, and are HUNGRY. The New Hampshire Fish and Game department told WMUR News 9, bears went into their dens this winter in poor condition due to a dearth of natural food sources. Months later, they are are coming out of their dens with depleted fat reserves and will be extremely hungry.

Much like last fall, bears will be out looking for food. Officials recommend bird feeders be removed by this friday (march 15) in the southern part of the state, and by April 1 in the North Country.

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