Bears in the Granite State aren't usually headline material, until they reportedly show up in densely populated residential areas.

According to Seacoast Online, there have been two recent bear sightings in downtown Portsmouth. However, while police aren't crying bear, they have not been able to locate the animals in each instance.

The first call was placed to the Portsmouth police department in the midnight hour Monday. Authorities responded to a call about a bear on Pearson Street, moving towards Bartlett. Police came up empty in their search. Also, a call received a few days later turned up the same result. The second call came from Ocean road, according to Seacoast Online.

Lt. Mark Newport told Seacoast "It's not a common sight in Portsmouth." "We haven't actually seen one."

The bears have been described as cubs. With the thought a mother bear might also be in the area, it is yet another reason the public isn't to approach the bears. The first being that they ARE BEARS!

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