While the massive widening project calls for additional lanes, one key exit is vanishing from map.

On Tuesday, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation officially closed Spaulding Turnpike exit 5 on ramp. The ongoing project saw the closing of the off ramp years ago, and the closure is all in the name of safety. Exit 5 was the entrance and exit for Hilton Park.

First reported by Fosters Daily Democrat, Chief Project Manager Keith Cota said the on-ramp for Exit 5 would be too close to the two-lane “high-capacity” off-ramp for Exit 6. With both open, more traffic tie-ups would be expected. “It’s just too close to maintain a safe operation.”

With the exit closed, travellers who want to head south will use Boston Harbor Road to the U.S. Route 4 intersection and use the Spaulding Turnpike southbound on-ramp from Exit 6, according to Fosters. Northbound will temporarily require more maneuvering. At the Route 4 intersection, drivers will cross to Spur Road, then to Gerrish Road, and will bring drivers to Dover Point Road. Following Dover Point Road north will bring drivers northward to Exit 7 of the Spaulding Turnpike. Long range,  the plan is to create a Spaulding Turnpike northbound Exit 6 on-ramp. This cannot happen until an old bridge is demolished, according to Keith Cota.




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