Raising kids can be a challenge on the best day. Raising a special needs child presents its own unique challenges that many of us...me included...cant even image.

But I do know as a dad, I loved taking my kids to the park when they were little. Both of my boys loved the swings. I can't tell you how many times I heard, "Push me higher daddy. Push me higher." Or how many nights, as they got older, we stayed to play until the street lights came on. You probably did the same thing with your kids.

Well image taking your special needs child to the park...and not being able to push them on the swings. That's the issue facing families in Newburyport. Kasey Edwards is attempting to garner support from residents as she lobbies the city's Commission on Disabilities to help get swings installed at local parks for kids with special needs.

According to an article in the Newburyport News, Edwards is coordinating a discussion with the Parks Commission and the Commission on Disabilities to provide Special Needs Swings for kids throughout the community.

Jennie Donahue, chair of the Commission on Disabilities, told the Newburyport News if the project does come to fruition, it will be funded solely by the commission and donations...if additional money is necessary.

A friend has started a GoFund Me page to raise money for the effort. You can make your donation to that page HERE.

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