Sad News for Boston Marathon Runners

You may know Spencer the therapy dog from his repeated attendance on the sidelines of the Boston Marathon holding flags, showing love and support for the runners of the race.

Sadly, according to, Spencer has terminal spleen cancer.

The 12-year-old Golden Retriever had become a regular attendee of the Boston Marathon cheering on runners for years, the news station reports, and this is the second time Spencer has had cancer surgery.

Before the last marathon was held, Spencer has a 3.5-pound tumor removed, the news station stated.

Goldens are the Best

I must admit this story got me sad.  I have had goldens for many years.  I remember our family’s first golden retriever, Savannah.  I saw an ad for Golden Retriever puppies in the paper and suggested to my wife that we take the kids and go look at the puppies.

Her statement before we walked out the door was, “One does not ‘go see’ golden retriever puppies, one brings home a puppy.”

She was right. They are such a loyal, loving, and great breed of dogs, especially for kids.  Savannah was with us for 17 years which is a long time for a golden.

Spencer’s Owners

Spencer’s owners, Rich and Dorrey Powers, told WMUR , “We caught it very early, so (we’re) hoping we have good quality time with him, which is what the vet said we could expect.”

There is a chance that Spencer could hold on till the next Boston Marathon.

Spencer’s owners are hoping to raise funds for golden retriever cancer research with the Morris Animal Foundation, the news station reported.

Having a dog who loves you is such a blessing.  They ask for nothing and love you unconditionally.  I hope he makes it to one more marathon.

Now, I am going to look for more golden retriever puppies.


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