Going to see the doctor at their office is often times one of things we least enjoy doing. It's not because we don't like the doctor, it's the anxiety of thinking we may get some unfortunate news. So imagine for a moment if you spent all of eternity just waiting and waiting and waiting at the doctor's office. Some believe there are still patients waiting to be seen at an old doctor's office turned inn in Rockland.

The LimeRock Inn is a luxurious bed and breakfast located in Rockland's historic district. According to Boston.com, it was one the home to the medical practice of Dr. Oren Lawry. The doctor purchased the residence in 1949 and he immediately began using the property for his practice. One of the largest guest rooms served as his main examination room and the parlor served as the waiting area for patients. Long after the doctor's office had closed and the building had been transitioned to an inn, guests began asking, "did some of these waiting room patients ever leave?"

So the LimeRock decided to investigate by bringing in some paranormal experts. Those experts found plenty of activity within the building, from the former waiting room to the top of the majestic stairs inside the LimeRock. But rather than being out to cause chaos, the spirits found inside the LimeRock almost seem to be jovial. They were deemed friendly by the paranormal experts and still continue to wait to see the doctor to this day.

The LimeRock Inn remains a great place to stay in Rockland for visitors, from away or the great beyond. Happy haunting.

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