Some guys just can’t catch a break.  Does this Moose look familiar? WMUR thinks so. A moose was seen just strolling down a street in Manchester this week apparently looking for love. Not much to see on the suburban street maybe he should try a different section of woods. This poor guy is striking out left and right. It appears to be the same moose that was stuck in a swimming pool in Bedford last month. Perhaps we should create a Tinder profile for him?


When the need for love strikes a moose, they throw caution to the wind.  They will search high and low for the right one, including swimming pools and city streets.  Which is a reminder that we all need to slow down and drive with caution this time of year.

When a moose is looking for a mate, they are far more concerned with finding a lady moose than they are about cars or even swimming pools in this guy’s case.  Take care when driving and let’s hope this moose finds the love of his life soon.


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