By now you've likely heard the latest bit of crazy to come tumbling out of Donald Trump's mouth. It pretty much offended everyone and the reaction has mostly been a lot of people demanding an apology. You won't hear me demanding one.

On the off chance you missed what he said about John McCain.

“He’s not a war hero,” Trump said. “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

Seriously, he said that. Even had this been a joke in poor taste it would have been offensive, but given that this was uttered in all seriousness makes it more ridiculous. That doesn't mean we should be demanding an apology.

Criticize his statement, say you think it is outlandish, say you find it offensive but don't demand an apology. People shouldn't be expected to apologize for something they believe in, no matter how offensive. Further, an insincere apology doesn't accomplish anything aside from satiating our need to shame those with whom we disagree. Some politician is caught cheating? I DEMAND AN APOLOGY. Some comedian made an off color remark? I'M OFFENDED AND NEED AN APOLOGY!

Before anyone starts laying blame for this cultural need for apologies on anyone, it should be noted this tendency runs seemingly through all of society: liberals and conservatives, atheists and evangelicals, men and women-- you name the group or combination thereof, they've likely seen their outrage manifested as a demand for an apology.

Do I hope Donald Trump realizes what he said is fundamentally absurd and chooses to apologize? Sure. That is quite different than thinking an apology is owed because I'm offended. Plenty of people have opinions that I think are crazy and I probably have some opinions other people would find outlandish. We don't need to apologize to one another for that.

Apologies only work when willingly offered and without qualifiers so let's stop demanding them.