When it comes to foods we hate, New Hampshire goes straight to the top shelf.

Coming from a state which puts multiple liquor stores right on the interstate, the results of this survey shouldn't come as a surprise.

The Takeout, backed by data from Hater, a dating app that pairs people up on the basis of what they dislike, listed expensive booze has the food they liked the least. Now, before everyone dives head first into the Natty Ice and Early Times whiskey, know the 600,000 people using this site are trying to connect based on disconnect.

Plus, don't people in New Hampshire have it relatively smooth? You can surely take your $9 cocktail on the decks in Portsmouth, and bump it up a good couple dollars in Boston.

Honestly, considering what took the crown in nearby states, it seems we overlooked a few things.

Like, Vermont. Vermont hates spray cheese, which is understandable. Plus, spray cheese is terrible. We put a $12 dollar martini above spray cheese on the list of most hated food? Kinda makes ya think.



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