Seeing posts about animals up for adoption brings up feelings of both joy and sadness. Of course it's cute to see adorable pictures of dogs, cats, and other critters, but it can also be sad to know that they have yet to find forever homes.

It's especially hard when an animal has spent an extra long time in a shelter, like Willie the Rabbit, who lived at the New Hampshire SPCA for 300 days. Thankfully, that sweet prince went to a loving home, and hopefully this special girl is next.

Meet Riley.

New Hampshire SPCA via Facebook
New Hampshire SPCA via Facebook

She's a 4-year-old pit bull who's more than ready to find her forever family after spending the past 280+ days in the NH SPCA. Just look at those lively brown eyes and big smile. This girl is an absolute lovebug.

According to this Facebook post, Riley wasn't in great shape when she first came to the shelter, having been "emaciated" and "suffering from a severe skin infection". Being in such a state would normally dampen an animal's spirit, but this wasn't the case with miss Riley.

It didn't take long for people to realize just how friendly and special this girl is. She adores being with people, and loves physical closeness, snuggles, and zoomies.

New Hampshire SPCA
New Hampshire SPCA

A recent update posted by the SPCA on August 11 says that Riley is currently spending time in a foster home, where she's absolutely "thriving in a home environment!" She enjoys couch snuggles, belly rubs, toys, playing hide-and-seek, and has learned several commands. Her foster parents adore her, and say her temperament is the perfect balance of both energetic and relaxed.

The SPCA's initial post about Riley does explain that she has recurring skin issues and would do best in a home without dogs, cats, or small children. But even with those limitations, they're confident that somewhere out there is a person who could give Riley the life and cuddles that she deserves.

Could you be Riley's new best friend?

To learn more about Riley, please email

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