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Tamworth Sled Dog Race On The Skids Thanks To Warm Weather
What in the world is going on? It's February 20...and the weather forecast for tomorrow calls for temperatures around 70. Hey, I'm not complaining. But it's just weird. And don't get used to shorts and flip-flop weather just yet. The mercury drops by about 30 degrees the next day…
5 Things New England Patriots Fans Can Do This Afternoon
Aside from the weekend between AFC Championship and the Super Bowl, and a few bye weeks, the New England Patriots have been part of every weekend since August (c'mon, you watch preseason). Season's over, now what? If you're feeling a void today, here are a few options to kee…
Learn to Ice Fish
The people that I know who ice fish in New Hampshire absolutely love it. They rave about the peace and quiet, the fresh air and fun. And now you can learn to ice fish for free.