Authorities say you have to adhere to an April 1st deadline to remove 'Bobhouses.'

Thanks to mother nature's cooperation, it's been a great season on the ice. Parts of New Hampshire's lakes are still responsible for many wind-burnt faces on Monday morning. However, it's time to pull the shack or bobhouses off the ice for the year. According to WMUR News 9, State law says they must be removed from the ice no later than the end of the day on this Sunday April 1.

Enthusiasts know the importance of pulling off in time. Aside from the potential mess and embarrassment, violators will also face a fine and a one-year loss of the owner's fishing license. Northern sections are still reporting safe conditions. The further south you travel, you'll find more open water. Lt. Heidi Murphy of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department told WMUR the law is designed to ensure that bobhouses do not fall through the ice and become a hazard to boaters.



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