Mall of New Hampshire

A New Hampshire JC Penney Employee Saved Christmas This Year
It was like watching The Grinch and A Christmas Miracle all in one day...but this was real life.
According to a report by WCVB Channel 5 in Boston, Benjamin Hughes and young his daughter were Christmas shopping inside JC Penney at the Mall of New Hampshire, when he realized the bag he'd been car…
Cows Shop Too
Cows going to the mall. It doesn't get much more New Hampshire than that. You know we're going to milk this udderly silly story for all it's worth before mooving on, right?
New Hampshire Motor Speedway has announced it's 5th annual "Speedway Star" competition. Join Mark Ericson from the WOKQ Morning Waking Crew as he hosts the competition on Saturday April 26th at the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester.
Speedway Star Competition!
Warm up your vocal chords. It's time once again to submit your entry for New Hampshire Motor Speedway's "Speedway Star" competition.  You could be on your way to singing our National Anthem in front of hundreds of thousands of NASCAR fans!