Movies That Never Get Old
Admit it, whenever you come across some of these movies, you stop what you're doing, turn your phone off and plant yourself in your favorite chair.
Minions First Look
The massive success of the ‘Despicable Me’ films have created a monster. Monsters, actually. Well, cute, yellow, strange little monsters that countless children (and some adults) all over the world have fallen in love with. Yeah, ‘Minions’ is going to be huge and itȁ…
'"That" Neighbor
We've all had to deal with THAT neighbor at some point in life, haven't we? The one that complains about everything-- and just hates fun. These days, Portsmouth is seemingly being brought to its knees by THAT neighbor.
Free Event In Portsmouth
Support the local filmmakers this Friday by attending Portsmouth Short Film Night! According to their website, you can expect "an award winning crime drama, a quirky comedy and a documentary made for the American Recipe Project all from local filmmakers as well as a touching story of f…
The Big Lebowski Or Kingpin?
So it is no secret that I am a bowling geek. Just like Roy Sullivan is a hockey geek. Tonight, my league resumes action after a two week break for the holidays. And I got to thinking about the debate that will never end between bowlers. Which is the better bowling movie The Big Lebowski or King…
Seeing My First Movie of 2013
Well, in a theater that is. I'd heard about how seeing a movie is a much more difficult proposition after a baby is born, and boy has that ever been been true.

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