It’s not often that we can get an inside look at a celebrities's childhood home.

The Boston Globe is reporting that Sandler’s childhood home will be featured in an episode of “60 Minutes” this Sunday on CBS.

The peek inside Sandler’s childhood home comes with a shocking surprise.  The home is virtually unchanged.

Granted, his mother still lives there.  It’s got the same kitchen, the same bedroom that Sandler shared with his brother and still has his trophies, albums, and t-shirts.

Sharyn Alfonsi, the reporter delivering the story, exclaims “It’s like a museum!” and reports that Sandler is that “rare comedian who says his childhood was happy.”

Maybe his childhood was happy because his family grew up not wanting the next best thing.

Sandler reports that his bedroom has “Same sheets. Same everything.”

It’s refreshing to see that celebrity hasn’t changed him much.  Too often will see the excess in celebrity lifestyles like the Kardashians with their multi-million-dollar homes and fancy cars.

Maybe one of the keys to Sandler’s success is that he is still able to come home and be a regular guy.  I want to support his new movie just based on the down-homeness of what appears to be a humble guy.

The new film “Uncut Gems” will be released in theaters later this month.  I know I want to see it. Always been a big fan of his.



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