Quick Action from Teen Saves his Stepfather’s Life


Nathan “Junior” Ruiter probably thought last June 8 was going to be like any other day but it took a radical change according to unionleader.com.  Ruiter, who is only 15 years old was fiddling around with an engine in the family’s auto repair garage when a car that was on one of the lifts burst into flames.  He immediately called for help, but no one could hear him, so he took quick action on his own.  He grabbed his stepdad, Robert “Bobby” Dinsmoor who is paralyzed from the waist down, and grabbed him out of his wheelchair.  He then rolled him on the ground till the flames went out of his stepfather’s arms.  He then hoisted him back into his wheelchair and got them both to safety outside.


New Hampshire Hero Award to be Given to the Teen


Every spring, the New Hampshire Union Leader in partnership with Citizens Bank presents an award to recognize those New Hampshire residents that have risked their lives to save the lives of others.  They are especially honored this year to be presenting the award to Nathan “Junior” Ruiter for his bravery and sacrifice in saving his stepdad’s life.  Nathan’s mother Brandi says “Bob is paralyzed from the waist down and he’s a heavier set-man,” per reporting by unionleader.com.  It’s amazing the strength you can develop from an adrenaline rush during an emergency.


Not a total Happy Ending


Although Nathan “Junior” Ruiter and Robert “Bobby” Dinsmoor made it out of the fire safely the garage where they were operating the family business was destroyed.  The family had been renting the garage for this business, Ultimate Truck, and Auto Repair, and had plans to buy the building before the fire, but the pandemic hit, then the fire, they have been unable to resume auto repairs.  They do have an excavation fleet so not all hope is lost.  What a brave teen Nathan Ruiter was that day.








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