Okay, the pic might be a little much, but come on! Have you noticed a lot of people are is in the best mood in a long time? On a Monday morning no less? It might have something to do with the temperature cracking 20 degrees for the first time in two weeks.

No joke, I was in North Berwick's Hannaford this morning. By the time I had cleared the produce section, I had no less than three conversations concerning the same thing, breathable weather.

According to WMUR News 9, this January thaw is the real deal. Temperatures will stay in the low to mid 30s Wednesday. Get this, warm air plows in by the end of the week with another storm, which should be plain rain by Friday. Temps go well into the 40s.

That's right, from -31 in places on Sunday AM, to the potential for 45 and higher a week later. You thought SPRING was all over the map, weather-wise.


Andy Austin - Townsquare media
Andy Austin - Townsquare media




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