Tenille Arts is a Canadian country singer who hails from a little town called Saskatchewan. She was recently seen on an episode of 'The Bachelor" where she serendaded Colton and Elyse with her song "I Hate This". Ironically, the song is about a breakup! She said the whole experience was a little awkward because she wasn't sure where to look! They were playing tonsil hockey inches from where she was performing.

She also played her song "Mad Crazy Love" on "The Bachelor" but they didn't air it. As she said, it probably would have made more sense!

Then Bill & I got a chance to bond with Tenille and get to know her as much as one can in 60 seconds!

Thanks for dropping by, Tenille! We so enjoyed hearing you perform in such an intimate setting and getting to know you. Now we will be able to say "we knew you when".



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