Lots of odd one way streets, roads that narrow without warning, and a city that's overall  a nightmare to navigate might see testing for self driving vehicles.

What could possibly go wrong?

According to the Boston Herald, Boston officials granted approval to nuTonomy, a Boston-based autonomous vehicle company, to begin testing their self-driving cars on all city roads. The move allows the company to expand beyond the Seaport, where testing has been limited until now.

Gina Fiandaca, the Commishiner for Boston Transportation told the Herald "Autonomous vehicles have the potential to improve safety. That’s one reason why we feel like it’s important to be active partners around this technology,”

While passenger-free vehicles roaming already busy streets for testing purposes doesn't sit well with many, there will be restriction. the Herald stated in it's article, officials will require nuTonomy to have two humans in the car, even during autonomous mode: one to monitor the car’s systems and another ready to take the wheel if necessary.

Also, it doesn't appear to be happening any time soon. First, the company has to first map an area, so the sensors and software know what to expect.


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