The temperatures are dropping across New Hampshire, which means the restaurants that were relying heavily on outdoor dining might be left out in the cold. But according to the, one New Hampshire restaurant in Bedford, the 1750 Taphouse, has come up with a solution to the cold temps: Igloos.

Yup, that’s right, these cool looking see-through pod-like heated igloos put you and your family in a bubble while dining outdoors.

The plastic domes are great for social distancing and have color-changing lights in the spacious 7-foot-tall space, the report stated.

The “bubble” method worked really well for the NBA this year.  It makes sense to put up these igloos for diners where restaurants have the space for outdoor dining.

They do have a wide footprint so they might not have room in smaller outdoor dining spots like sidewalks on the main streets, but for the 1750 Taphouse, they are working well.

A few other restaurants around the area have also adopted the use of these igloos such as Barrio Tacos in Portsmouth where they refer to them as “Barrio Bubbles,” according to  603 Brewery in Londonderry opened four igloos up last winter before the pandemic hit and will be taking reservations for them starting in mid-November.

When you look at them, I just get mad that I didn’t come up with such a brilliant idea.  It does look fun; I may have to check it out.

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