The Band Perry put on a high-energy, exciting show during the iHeartRadio Country Festival in Austin, but there was one part of their show that really stood out. The sibling trio covered "Uptown Funk," and really got the party started.

TBP were one of the acts scheduled during the second annual festival, and their performance was far from disappointing. The most surprising part of their show, though, was when they brought Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk" to the show in a way that only they could.

Kimberly, Reid and Neil joined together on the stage for a performance that would make anyone's body move. Kimberly looked like her typical awesome self in a black leather dress with red accents, while her brothers stood on either side of her in more casual threads. All three threw their hands up and got the crowd really moving.

After Kimberly sings "Don't believe me, just watch," the three really kick it up a notch and she starts manhandling her microphone and getting down to the funky (and insanely popular) beat. The song has spent a whole lot of time on the pop charts, but it isn't just pop singers that love it — country stars do, too! Thomas Rhett brings his own version of the song out on tour. Watch his performance here.

The Band Perry also recently told Taste of Country that they're working on new music, and that a single single is very close to being released.

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