Maybe you are a "texture person". You are repulsed by foods that feel slimy or weird in your mouth. Rice pudding? Not for you! Cottage cheese? We couldn't pay you to eat the stuff. And oysters? Why would you be caught dead eating little boogers on the half shell? Well, because they are delicious that's why! I used to be very scared of oysters. I probably didn't start eating them until I was 25 but now I can't get enough. The brinier the better!

In honor of National Oyster Day, I have comprised a list of the best oysters you can get in the Granite State. Some of these are suggestions by listeners and others I can attest to.

Row 34, Portsmouth NH

These are some of the freshest oysters that will ever grace your lips! They are so good you don't even need cocktail sauce. Plus if you are feeling fancy you can get some caviar on there. That's a little too adventurous even for me.

Windjammers, Rochester NH

This one is a suggestion from our listener Laura! She didn't specify if they specialize in fried oysters or oysters on the half shell. Honestly, I am down for either.

Jamie Lynn's Kitchen, Bath NH

These are the best fried oysters in all of the land according to our listener Renee!

Pearl Restaurant & Oyster Bar, Peterborough, NH

A restaurant with "oyster bar" in the title is always promising!

Newick's Lobster House, Dover NH

It doesn't matter if your oysters come out on a big fancy platter.The folks at Newick's know that a quality oyster is a quality oyster!

Did I miss any? Leave your favorite oyster spot in the comments and happy National Oyster Day to those who are celebrating.

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