From the same deck in Derry that brought us "Snowflake" the albino squirrel, Kathy Kat Krohn presents "Chip". He's a skittish little fella with a big personality. Every day presents a new adventure for Chip and we just can't get enough.

Chip is a creature with many talents and hobbies! He's keeping busy during this quarantine by learning new skills and we could all learn a thing or two.

He's been cooking:

Kathy Kat Krohn via u local New Hampshire
Kathy Kat Krohn via u local New Hampshire

He's learning how to play the saxophone:

He hits the supermarket for peanut butter:

He honors the class of 2020:

He plays board games. Chess with Chestnuts anyone?

He also dabbles with Simon:

Follow the daily adventures of Chip for endless entertainment at CHIP NH on Facebook.

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