Kimberly Vezina took to the U Local New Hampshire Facebook page to share a photo and video of the ice disk on Whales Bridge Rd in Loudon, NH.

These ice disks are cray cray!

Last year people traveled from near and far to see these natural phenomenons in Maine and New Hampshire.

I was scouring the internet trying to learn how these disks form.

First of all, they happen naturally. There are no aliens involved which I find profoundly disappointing.

According to the ice disks form in bodies of water where there is a circular current that creates a whirlpool effect. Ice crystals in this slower-moving water can gradually form a circular “mat” of ice. The current keeps the ice disk in place as it slowly rotates.

I hope this ice disk lasts awhile so we can go see it! If we have another unseasonably warm day it will be history.

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